2 WebApps helps you to Earn from AdMob

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Ssup guys I am Chitranjan today i am gonna tell how you can earn from $10 to infinte from Google Admob instegrated App made by you, Here we have two platform for those who does not having programming knowledge but fire in heart to earn billions of money so without wasting your time lets get start..

1.)  Thunkable

admob on Thunkable

Blocks instead of code: Build your own apps by dragging and dropping your favorite components and connecting them together with blocks. drag and drop design of webapp make easier for user to make it creative inside its product and get well finished product in the hand.

Cross-platform: On Thunkable, every app project you create works on both Android and iOS devices. It’s pretty magical. thus its Apps are compatible with both of smartphone Operating system to get reach your App to the world in every possible publisher where you are able to publish your app.

Remix, or start from scratch: Start with a new project, or customize an existing sample app from our growing gallery of open sourced projects. which gives a basic structured how you should go through over control your apps functionality and behaviour.

A Community of Builders: Thunkable has an amazingly active and engaged community to help you with all your app building questions. We also offer live-chat support.
Share Complete Revenue:  As it helps to earn and grow without taking any commission between 100% is all yours.

2.) AppsGeyser

admob on Appgeyser

Earn money with your App: You can monetize your app instantly and make it your main source of income. Apps created on AppsGeyser can earn up to $200 per day!. it provide direct integration of admob ads unit sdk id to just place and start your earning.

Over 70 app templates: AppsGeyser offers the largest number of diverse customizable templates and presets for your to create an app from, almost every single type app are pre-build available which helps to make your App very fast and nothing to design and function which are already programmed by AppsGeyser.

Transparent and clear revenue share: We are sharing 50% of revenue with you. No tricks or shady schemes. We give you a half of our profits. no able to share purity because its also shown its own ads sometime in play of App,  but you are still can earn very good quality of money from admob.

Easy tutorials and guides: We have multiple step-by-step guide on app creation and app publication, make you professional in app building.


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