A new feature in the next Apple IOS shocks Tim Cook

A new feature in the next Apple IOS shocks Tim Cook

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I’ve never had a software update cause me to rethink my lifestyle, but the latest version of the Apple iPhone operating system forced me to take a hard look at myself – and my relationship with my iPhone.

And when everyone gets access to iOS 12 this fall, it’s going to surprise millions of people.

  • A new feature in the iPhone operating system shows how much time you spend on your phone.
  • You’ll be able to download it this fall. 
  • People are going to be shocked about the number of hours per day they spend on their phone.

Tucked into the updated iPhone settings menu is a new collection of features called Screen Time. It collects data on how many times you use your phone and how many times you pick it up. It also includes statistics on which apps you use most, and how many notifications you receive.

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The Screen Time feature was a common topic of conversation among the people who had travelled to California to learn how to best make software for Apple computers. But like myself, many attendees who would discuss phone overuse in general were also hesitant to share their official stats, as if they were an embarrassing secret.

Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that the numbers surprised him.

“I’ve been using it and I have to tell you: I thought I was fairly disciplined about this. And I was wrong,” Cook said in an interview with CNN. “When I began to get the data, I found I was spending a lot more time than I should.”


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