Best tools that should be use by every blog

Best tools that should be use by every blog

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A good blog should use some basic qualities to  attract people and having  wonderful traffic, maintain your blog so that it would be read and solve readers problems gradually, i think every author have to use for his blog this is very important if you want to rank your blog or getting popular your articles eventually it can be possible through these 3 tools that would be very helpful in your writing and publishing  so lets start by know them what they actually do.

1.) Portent


This is simple algorithm based topic generator if you are unable to find topic what to post so you should use this tool to generate random topic related to your keyword or blog.

2.) Gift of Speed

gift of speed zeroskip

This tool is one of the important tool because a good ranking of website needs speed and  pickup to improve there searches and load faster so that user can easily read  without losing time, it tells you every thing that might you need to do step by step everything is available here to put your site on #1 on google

3.) Small Seo Tool

finally this tools has complete grocery to do perfect S.E.O of your blog including keyword planner, article rewrite, DA check, SEO score checker means everything that you need to do for you blog which most probably used by me I hope these 3 tools would definitely help your blog and make your blog like Premium


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