Google is losing $50 Million Without Fortnite On Play Store

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One of the most popular games on earth — Fortnite — is not one of them, Google is losing tens of millions of dollars without the app on its platform:

fortnite on playstore

When Fortnite Battle Royale launched on mechanical man, it created associate degree uncommon choice: it bypassed Google Play in favor of giving the sport directly from Epic Games’ own web site. Most apps and games don’t have the posh of creating this alternative – the intrinsical distribution Google Play offers is essential to their business. however Epic Games believes its game is widespread enough and encompasses a robust enough draw to bring players to its web site for the mechanical man transfer instead. within the method, it’s cost accounting Google around $50 million this year in platform fees, per a brand new report.

While Google loses out on these fees, Epic Games collects 100 percent of the take. maybe alternative widespread games might imitate in returning years, that might place an enormous dent within the Google Play store revenue.

Alphabet INC shares closed at $1,252.51 on weekday, down $11.95 (-0.95%). Year-to-date, GOOGL has gained eighteen.90%, versus a 7.01% rise within the benchmark S&P five hundred index throughout identical amount.

We like strategic and multiplayer games but Fortnite is only available at it own official Website, only because of that game seekers get little unsatisfied when its not available for Android officially. I hope Fortnite will definitely published on Play Store and Fortnite will not in compete  PUBG which is most in trending #1 comparatively PUBG is doing very good marketing of its product.

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