How to make my PC looks like Hacking Machine: eDex-UI

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eDEX-UI is an application that takes after a Sci-Fi PC interface, which makes the deception of a work area condition without windows. It’s enlivened by the DEX-UI venture (which hasn’t been refreshed since the start of 2015), and the TRON Legacy film impacts. The application utilises Electron, and keeps running on Linux, Windows and macOS.

How to make my PC looks like Hacking Machine

eDEX-UI runs a genuine terminal and shows genuine, live framework data like the CPU and memory utilisation, temperature, top procedures, open IP address and a live system traffic chart, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, over a film like cutting edge work area interface. A record program is incorporated, which is synchronised with the inserted terminal: exploring to any envelope in the implanted document program influences the terminal to explore to that organiser, and the other way around.An on-screen console is likewise consolidated in its GUI, on the grounds that eDEX-UI is intended to be utilised with a touchscreen, however multi-touch doesn’t right now work. that means you can use it on your favourite Apple iPad Pro The application works with no issues with ordinary showcases – when utilising a physical console, squeezing keys will light up the virtual console.

This is eDEX-UI utilising the “cutting edge” subject, with htop running in its terminal:

How to make my PC looks like Hacking Machine

As should be obvious from the screen capture, eDEX-UI utilizes a considerable amount of CPU (htop demonstrates per center CPU utilisation, with the goal that’s not the complete CPU use however), yet its motivation isn’t for doing real work or screen your framework. Its motivation is… to make you look “madly boss” 😁 Use it to inspire your companions, tweak it and post a screen capture on r/unixporn, and so forth. In the event that you need a framework data work area gadget, you could utilise something undeniably progressively lightweight, as Conky.

eDEX-UI bolsters different customisation. You can change the shell (default is Bash on Linux and Mac, and powershell.exe on Windows), the console format, or run it in windowed mode. Topics are additionally bolstered, and the application ships with 8 subjects, however you can likewise make your very own topic.Visit the undertaking GitHub Wiki page for data on customisation. On Linux, the eDEX-UI setup records can be found in ~/.config/eDEX-UI.

Update. eDEX UI 2.2.1 was released, which incorporates some significant changes like:

  • terminal tabs include
  • terminal resize when the window is resized
  • include screen settings choice
  • support for shell parameters
  • include BÉPO console design and a few diacritics support
  • include de-DE console design
  • include cites around record names when keeping in touch with them to the TTY
  • Include tron-notype subject which does excludes an on-screen console

A total changes list is accessible on GitHub.

Download and Install eDEX-UI:

Downloadyou can click on download after you reach on that releases page than download your suitable version for SYSTEm and simply click and run

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