How to stop your Android Smartphone battery percentage

How to stop your Android Smartphone battery percentage

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The Android gives very less updates to solve some battery percentage drop issues of each and every smartphone is different and hardware as well, I have few solution which may help you to save your Android phone battery life and its gives you some great experience in full day battery consumption, without wasting any time lets get begin

1.) App Freezer:

this app controls your processor frequency rate to stop background process apps so that while your smartphone in sleeps mode its starts optimize battery consuming Apps and stop their background works

app freezer

2.) Stop Background Apps:

if you know the Developer Options in your android Setting and how to enable its go and first enable it that scroll down to the last and you will get that kind of option “Background Process Limit” select its and choose No Background Process. what actually it does , it helps to save battrey as well as data usage of your network I hope data usage also a big shot of Android devices but you can simpy go in-to Developers options and switch to 2nd option. and its Done

stop background


3.) Animation Off:

Animated effects also consumes your android juice which may no required to  you its my tweak but if love these effects and option you can skip this step, there how its disable animation effects. this process for android developers to open and test their apps on every scale of performance and usability 

animation off

these few tweaks may helps you to expand battery life up-to 50% more than you consume usually in a day.
so good bye friends please comment down below and tell us for any issue. Thank you

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