Hacker now use ultra-sonic waves to crash hard drives

hackers now use ultra-sonic waves to crash hard drives

Researchers have demonstrated how sonic and ultrasonic signals (inaudible to human) can be used to cause physical damage to hard drives just by playing ultrasonic sounds through a target computer’s own built-in speaker or by exploiting a speaker near the targeted device. Similar research was conducted last year by a group of researchers from Princeton and Purdue … Read moreHacker now use ultra-sonic waves to crash hard drives

DNS-HiJacking targetting iOS, Android users

dns hijacking malware targetting ios, android, and desktop users

  DNS-Hijacking malware targetting iOS, Android and Desktop clients: Widespread routers’ DNS hijacking malware that recently found targeting humanoid devices has currently been upgraded its capabilities to focus on iOS devices additionally as desktop users. Dubbed Roaming dictyopterous insect, the malware was ab initio found hijacking net routers last month to distribute humanoid banking malware … Read moreDNS-HiJacking targetting iOS, Android users

RowHammer Bug Exploiting Network requests

rowhammer bug exploiting network requests

Here’s the new bug exploiting network requests Last week, we tend to according regarding the primary network-based remote Rowhammer attack, dubbed Throwhammer, that involves the exploitation a proverbial vulnerability in DRAM through network cards exploitation remote direct operation (RDMA) channels. However, a separate team of security researchers has currently incontestible a second network-based remote Rowhammer … Read moreRowHammer Bug Exploiting Network requests