Hackers Hit 100’s of German Politician Data Leak

Germany has been hit with the greatest hack in its history. A gathering of obscure programmers has spilled exceedingly delicate individual information from in excess of 100 German legislators, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brandenburg’s leader Dietmar Woidke, alongside some German specialists, columnists, and YouTube big names. The spilled information that was distributed on a … Read moreHackers Hit 100’s of German Politician Data Leak

Hacker Discloses Windows Zero-day Vulnerability

  A security analyst has freely revealed the subtle elements of a formerly obscure zero-day weakness in the Microsoft’s Windows working framework that could encourage a neighborhood client or noxious program get framework benefits on the focused on machine. Furthermore, prepare to have your mind blown. The zero-day imperfection has been affirmed taking a shot … Read moreHacker Discloses Windows Zero-day Vulnerability

Google Titan Security key is now on Sale

Google simply made its Titan Security Key accessible on its store for $50. First reported a month ago at Google Cloud Next ’18 tradition, Titan Security Key is a small USB gadget—like Yubico’s YubiKey—that offers equipment based two-factor confirmation (2FA) for online records with the most abnormal amount of insurance against phishing assaults. Google’s Titan … Read moreGoogle Titan Security key is now on Sale

Hurry up , Change your Twitter password

hurry up, change your twitter password

ON THURSDAY, TWITTER chief technology officer Parag Agrawal disclosed in a blog post that the company had inadvertently recorded user passwords, in plaintext, in an internal system. This is not how things are supposed to go! And while Twitter has fixed the bug, and doesn’t think any of the exposed passwords were accessed in any way, you should … Read moreHurry up , Change your Twitter password