The first trailer for DC’s Shazam is like Big

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At city Comic-Con these days, DC disclosed a surprise 1st explore another of its approaching superhero films, Shazam!, which is able to star Zachary Evangelist because the film’s titular superhero. It’s a astonishingly funny-looking film, that seems like it’s simply what DC has to depart from the dark and grim image that its franchise has been saddled with.

The trailer introduces North American country to Billy Batson, a child who’s introduced to a replacement family and college. when fighting off one or two of bullies, he’s chosen by a wizard known as Shazam, UN agency tells him that if he utters his name, he’ll gain superpowers. He does, Associate in Nursingd he dead turns into an adult hero. Think Big, however with superpowers — he’s employed on making an attempt to work out what his powers area unit — zapping people’s phones to charge them and discovers that he’s bullet proof. it’s sort of a astonishingly funny and zany superhero film, which is able to be an enormous flip from the implausibly grim DC films like Man of Steel and tender V. Superman.

The character is that the 1st to be introduced that wasn’t a part of that initial batch of heroes in Justice League, that makes a small amount of sense: DC has force back from its a lot of formidable overarching distended Universe in favor of films that area unit a small amount a lot of standalone following the success of adult female. whereas which means that the character isn’t as without delay recognizable to filmgoing audiences, Marvel has actually incontestible within the last decade that it will maintain a superhero franchise with characters that audiences aren’t as conversant in, like Ant-Man or Iron Man. DC and Warner Bros. is undoubtably hoping that standalone films that includes these varieties of characters can bring a similar success to its own, beleaguered series.


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